Bargaining Update #9

Dear Members,

Your Bargaining Committee met with the Employer for our ninth round of Collective Bargaining in Calgary from September 25 - 27.

On the agenda were the following topics:

  • Deadheading

  • Reserve

The Union presented counter-proposals of both the Deadheading and Reserve Articles, which had been brought to the table during the previous round of negotiations. After a period of back and forth on these Articles, and some compromise on both sides, the Union and the Employer reached a Tentative Agreement on both. 

These two Articles have now been signed off.

The Employer presented a proposal for an Article related to Management Rights to Bargaining Unit Work. This Article focuses on the right of both “qualified” management, such as PSMs, being permitted to fly as a CCM under certain circumstances, as well as non-qualified leadership assisting with inflight service, and other duties.

Your Bargaining Committee crafted language to include in a counter-proposal, as the Employer’s version of the Article was vague, and non-detailed. As an example, we can agree with the sentiment that having PSMs maintain their qualifications is advantageous, we can not allow anyone outside of the bargaining unit unfettered access to our flying - this simply can not occur. 

Although our counter-proposal is ready, the Committee decided that we preferred to “park” this Article until such time as we are dealing with other issues that may be indirectly related to who does what scope of work. This Article is an ask from the Employer, and as such, it must be related to other issues in a give and take manner.

On Thursday morning, the Employer presented their entire Scheduling Article. Quite simply, this Article is massive. The Union worked for the remainder of Thursday and Friday on our counter-proposal, and this work continues. The Union anticipates presenting our counter-proposal on Scheduling at the beginning of Round 10 of Collective Bargaining scheduled for October 21 - 25 in Vancouver.

If you have any questions about the Collective Bargaining process, please engage your Mobilizing Team at:

In Solidarity,

Your CUPE 4070 Bargaining Committee