Happy Labour Day WestJet!

Dear Members,

Happy Labour Day!

We wanted to share a Labour Day message with you from our President, Chris Rauenbusch:

This Labour Day is truly historic. It is the first Labour Day in the history of WestJet Inflight that we have a functioning Union Local, and are 4,000 strong across all WestJet Group brands. I simply wish to say “thank you,” and provide you with a quick update on the Canada Labour Code (CLC) changes which technically came into effect yesterday, September 1st.

Thank you. Thank you to our members who joined us during the certification drive, and helped certify CUPE as our legally recognized trade union. Thank you to all members who have joined us every day since our certification to engage in your Union. Thank you to all of the volunteers, who have gotten involved in shaping its future. I also wish to thank those who have yet to join the Membership. I am aware that building a union is a long term commitment, and it is not for the faint of heart! Building the trust of every last person in the bargaining unit will not be accomplished in one year, or two. I do however thank you for remaining a professional, committed to the success of our Employer, and open to judging the union by it’s actions as we move forward.

My goal, and I know it is shared by the entire Executive of CUPE Local 4070, is that we continue to build trust daily, with every single CCM we represent. In solidarity, we will create a better workplace, and a more successful WestJet. Thank you to every single one of you, the CCMs of the WestJet Group.

Now to update you on the CLC changes and the Union’s efforts to protect our members’ rights as intended by the Federal Government:

As your President, I was deeply involved in the document (PDF attached) that was submitted in rebuttal to the Employer’s misleading submission to Employment & Social Development Canada on August 14th. Our rebuttal was submitted to the Government last week, on behalf of every single flight attendant under the CUPE umbrella.

As of now, Federal Minister Patty Hajdu has indicated that certain interim exemptions would apply — at least until further tweaks can be made after the October election — but she acknowledged that the government was still hammering out who they will ultimately include.

To be clear with you, our Members:

As per Minister Hajdu, our workplace is currently under ‘interim’ exemptions, so your work rules remain status quo, you must proceed as we are accustomed. Given that the Minister has indicated this won’t be addressed until following October’s Federal Election, please be aware, there will not be a quick resolution to this issue.

I commit to keeping you updated as this process unfolds. .Myself and your CUPE 4070 Executive, CUPE National, as well as the CUPE Airline Division, will fight vigorously for our rights in front of the Government, and wherever else necessary. 

If you have any questions on any issue in your workplace, please reach out to info.cupe4070@gmail.com, or myself directly.

To read the letter submitted by the CUPE Airline Division click HERE.

In Solidarity,


Chris RauenbuschComment