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Dear Members,

On April 9 and 10, CUPE Local 37 in Calgary was kind enough to host 31 of our elected Shop Stewards. Stewards from all three bases came together and completed their Introduction to Stewarding training. We are truly excited to see so many people step up for such a crucial role.

Our Local is coming together.

We would like to thank everyone who stepped up as interim Shop Stewards and volunteered countless hours over the span of six months, to ensure continuity of representation during this period. Your selflessness and dedication to your co-workers is inspiring!

Our first day of bargaining is Monday April 15. Based on the concepts an overwhelming majority of voters endorsed in our vote last week, your elected Bargaining Committee members will finally start negotiating the details of a Collective Agreement with WestJet on your behalf.

Bargaining our first Collective Agreement will take considerable time and effort. We have 32 days of bargaining scheduled between now and the end of September. They are the following:

April - 15-18

May - 13-17

June - 10-14

July - 30-Aug 2

August - 7-9, 22, 23, 26-29

September - 9-12, 18-20, 25-27

As we prepare to enter the most important period in the history of Inflight, we need to stop and assess the situation.

We Need Backup

It is important to understand that the Bargaining Committee gets all of its strength from you, the Membership. The only way the Bargaining Committee will ever secure a strong Collective Agreement is with the strong backing of the Membership.

We need as many members as possible willing to voice their support for the demands of our elected Bargaining Committee.

Without an engaged and energized membership, our local will be as effective as an airplane without rudders. We’ll get airborne, but we’ll never reach our destination.

We Need Your Help!

The nature of our workplace poses some unique challenges, particularly in the area of mobilization.

We are seeking volunteers to join the Mobilizing Team.

 As a member of the Mobilizing Team you will:

  • Be in contact with the Bargaining Committee.

  • Act as a liaison between the Bargaining Committee, the Executive, and the members of your base.

  • Build enthusiasm and support for our union among your peers.

  • Listen to members’ concerns about workplace issues, and issues being discussed in bargaining.

  • Communicate key messages from the Executive and the bargaining committee to members.

What we are about to live through will only happen once in our lifetime. Be part of the movement that will bring us our first Collective Bargaining Agreement!

Please contact Alexis Allain to express your interest in becoming a mobilizer:

Step up today and help us engage more of our members. Help us harness the power we need to achieve a strong Collective Agreement! Together we will show the Company what it means to work together to win.


In Solidarity,

Your CUPE 4070 Executive Team