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April 15, 2019

Dear Members,

Today, your elected Bargaining Committee (composed of your President, Vice-President, and two elected representatives from each base) began the process of contract negotiations with WestJet on your behalf. We will put out our next bargaining update at the conclusion of the first week of bargaining.

Today is the dawn of a new era.

It has been a struggle to get us to where we are. The need to unionize our workforce was apparent for quite some time. Certification did not come easy. Many people fought hard to get us where we are. Some are no longer with us.

To the brave CCMs who saw this need, established WPFAA, blazed a trail, and fought for this cause - WE salute you, and WE thank you.

To the selfless CCMs who saw this need, joined WCCA, and fought to make our own internal representation better: Your passion and commitment to your co-workers is an example of the spirit that makes this airline the best place to work, even when times are hard - WE salute you, and WE thank you.

To all of our supporters, who stopped and waved hello, when we stood in the open at the Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver Airports - you gave us encouragement, you helped us sign cards, you put your name on our Activist list, without fear of retaliation: We could not have done this without you. We mean it. Your support means the world to us. WE are forever grateful, and we salute you.

CUPE LOCAL 4070 has arrived.

Today we step out into the world. United, we hold our heads high.

WE are the union of WestJet Cabin Crew Members.

Join us!

In Solidarity,

Your CUPE 4070 Executive Team