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Image & Uniform Standards - UPDATE

Dear Members,

We would like to start by thanking all CCMs who took the time to contact our Union Local regarding the change in uniform standards. We appreciate all of your feedback and will reply to you directly in the days to come. Your engagement is making a difference!

Feedback regarding the uniform standards changes are still being collected and will be provided to the Uniform Committee such that they have a clear understanding of the issues moving forward.

On April 17, we announced that the Company will recognize the CUPE 4070 Uniform Committee, and your committee will now attend all future monthly meetings. The Inflight Leadership team has now communicated their commitment to this as well, as you will see in your Corporate email from Louis Saint-Cyr.

This is a historic moment for our Union and we are here to represent our membership in the most impactful way possible. Part of enabling us to do that effectively is by forging a never-before-seen relationship between the Union and the Employer.

Over the last few days, the Inflight and Guest Experience Leadership teams have demonstrated their openness to a new era of Labour Relations with our workgroup.

All of us, as your elected representatives, are mindful of striking the right balance; of changing with the times, and adapting to our Employers’ evolving business model while ensuring that you are treated with respect, dignity, and appreciation in the workplace.

We remain optimistic as we work with our Employer to elevate and distinguish ourselves as a Global Network Carrier while respecting our Cabin Crew Members and their right to input on matters that affect their lives and working conditions. We are on the right track.

We ask that you continue to engage your Local as we work towards forging a new relationship with the Company.

In solidarity,
Your CUPE Local 4070 Executive Team