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Encore CCMs Have Filed For Certification With CUPE!

Dear Members,

Moments ago, The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) filed an application with the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) to be certified as the exclusive bargaining agent, and representation, for WestJet Encore Cabin Crew Members.

Our fellow Cabin Crew Members at Encore are now on their way to official union certification with CUPE. They will go through the same process of card verification as mainline did following our application on July 31st, 2018.

CUPE Local 4070 is beyond ecstatic for our colleagues at WestJet Encore. We are sisters and brothers in solidarity, and now in union representation and the ability to legally bargain a Collective Agreement.

The Encore activists, alongside member organizers, and organizing staff from CUPE have been working tirelessly on the drive for fair representation of CCMs at WestJet Encore for quite some time. We encourage all CUPE Local 4070 members to make a special effort in welcoming WestJet Encore CCMs to the CUPE family. Today they take their first step towards joining over 680,000 members nationwide.

Make no mistake, as we head into the first day of bargaining on Monday, this exciting news could not come at a better time. We will do so standing in solidarity with Encore CCMs, and that is a game changer at the bargaining table. Solidarity brings us collective power to influence our Employer. We proudly stand together, shoulder to shoulder, with our WestJet Encore sisters and brothers for fair representation, and a fair Collective Agreement.

In Solidarity,
Your CUPE Local 4070 Executive