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Bargaining Update #5

Dear Members,

Your Bargaining Committee met with the Employer for our fifth round of Collective Bargaining in Calgary from August 7 - 9.

On the agenda were the following topics:

  • Vacation and Stat Holiday Periods

  • Commuting

  • Travel Privileges

During the previous round of bargaining in Toronto, several roadblocks arose which led your Bargaining Committee to take a firm stance. Unable to agree to the terms of two Articles, those two Articles were parked and will be brought back later in bargaining.

This round of bargaining got off to a discouraging start on Wednesday, in dealing with the Vacation and Stat Holiday Periods Article.

The Employer defended their inability to move on these issues stating that our demands were either: not in keeping with the status quo, not common in other airline contracts, or not what the Pilots achieved.

These excuses reached a boiling point for your Bargaining Committee, and by Thursday morning, it was decided that we needed to explain our position, and our frustrations to the Company’s Bargaining Team.

The eight-members of your Bargaining Committee, in conjunction with the CUPE National Representatives formulated a summary of our stance, which was delivered to the Company’s eleven-member Bargaining Team in person.

The Employer listened actively to our statement, which ultimately delivered the message that our membership did not certify with CUPE simply to document the current working conditions in a Collective Agreement. 

Quite plainly, we made it clear that the status quo on most topics is unacceptable to our Membership, and that we are seeking clear language that builds upon and improves what we already have. 

The Employer returned a few hours later with a thoughtful and reasonable counter-proposal on the Vacation and Stat Holiday Periods Article. We agreed, and this was signed off as a tentative article by Thursday afternoon.

On Friday morning, the Union presented our proposal on Commuting. The Employer appeared receptive to many unique ideas that were presented. They seemed open to consideration on these, and the tone remained refreshed following the unfiltered feedback given the day prior. The employer advised us by mid-day that there was still a fair amount of work for them after our proposed article, and expressed that they would not have a counter-proposal for us that day.

Round 5 of Collective Bargaining concluded positively, with both sides appearing to understand each other more clearly. Your Bargaining Committee is, once again, cautiously optimistic that our concerns have been heard.

This round concluded with the following article signed off in Tentative Agreement:

  • Vacation and Stat Holiday Periods

Round 6 of Collective Bargaining is scheduled to take place in Calgary on August 22 and 23. The Article on the agenda these two days will be:

  • Occupational Health & Safety

For this topic, subject experts Troy Winters, CUPE Senior Health & Safety Representative and Dar Lepine, Chair CUPE Local 4070 OH&S Committee will both be present at the bargaining table. 

This article is critical to the wellbeing of our members in the workplace, and we look forward to obtaining strong language and protections for all CCMs.

 If you have any questions about the Collective Bargaining process, please engage your Mobilizing Team at:

In Solidarity,

Your CUPE Local 4070 Bargaining Committee

Did You Know - Mobilization.png

We are laying the groundwork with our 4070 Mobilization Team. As we make our way through the bargaining process, we may encounter a scenario in which job action should be considered. The Bargaining Committee needs to have a rapid and accurate way to share their concerns with every member so they know why we may ask them for something, like a strike mandate.

Your Bargaining Committee would ask for a strike mandate, for example, if the number of parked articles reached such a level that no meaningful agreement could be reached.