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Bargaining Update #3

Dear Members,

Your Bargaining Committee met with the Company for our third round of Collective Bargaining from June 10 - June 14, 2019. The CUPE 4070 Bargaining Committee is working on your behalf, towards a strong and effective Collective Bargaining Agreement.

This round of bargaining concluded with the following articles signed off as Tentative Agreements:

  • Duration of Agreement

  • Leaves of Absence

  • Language Requirements

  • Hotels and Transportation

Monday saw both Duration of Agreement and Leaves of Absence signed off as Tentative Agreements. Two days were dedicated to trying to come to an agreement on the Language Requirements article. Another two days were devoted to the Hotels and Transportation article.

The Language Requirement article marked the first time since Collective Bargaining began with the Employer, that  both sides were far apart from agreement at the outset.

At first we were unable to find common ground to come to a Tentative Agreement, even after numerous counter-proposals and discussions, neither side could bridge the gap. At times, emotion ran high. Both the Union and the Employer agreed to "park" this article until the end of bargaining, as will be the case with all contentious articles. These articles will be revisited at the very end of bargaining.

Hotels and Transportation proved to be almost as difficult and contentious as Language Requirements. Thursday and Friday morning were spent again with proposals and counter-proposals, and although some movement and progress was made, it was not clear if we would come to a Tentative Agreement prior to the end of the week.

By midday Friday the Language Requirements article was brought back to the table. It took a couple of hours to work out the specific language, but by Friday afternoon, Language Requirements and Hotel and Transportation were agreed and signed as Tentative Agreements.

Both sides ended the third round of Bargaining with a respectful and optimistic outlook.


To date, CUPE 4070 and the Company have reached a Tentative Agreement on the following topics:

  • Preamble

  • Amendments to the Agreement

  • Strike/Lockout

  • Probation

  • Deduction of Dues

  • Arbitration

  • Grievance Procedure

  • Discipline, Suspensions and Terminations

  • Management Rights

  • Uniforms

  • Union Recognition

  • Union/Management Relations

  • Seniority

  • Duration of Agreement

  • Leaves of Absence

  • Language Requirements

  • Hotels and Transportation

What's Next?

The Bargaining Committee and the Company will meet again for round four of bargaining in Toronto from July 30th - August 2nd.

We will continue to keep you updated as we move through the bargaining process.

In Solidarity,

Your CUPE 4070 Bargaining Committee