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Bargaining Update #2

Dear Members,

Your Bargaining Committee met with the Company for our second round of collective bargaining from May 13 - May 17. The CUPE 4070 Bargaining Committee is working on your behalf, towards a strong and effective Collective Bargaining Agreement.

As with the last update, the Bargaining Committee is bound by confidentiality. After this round of bargaining, we have reached a Tentative Agreement with the Company in regards to the following articles:

  • Uniforms: definition of allowance(s).

  • Union Recognition: the terms and conditions of how the Company recognizes CUPE 4070 as the legal entity representing all Members.

  • Union/Management Relations: Union Committee recognition and what information the Company will provide the Union on an ongoing basis.

  • Seniority: how the seniority list is built, what information is included on the list, how a member can contest their place on the list, and how transfers in/out of the bargaining unit will be handled.

Additionally, the Union and Management exchanged proposals and counter-proposals related to Leaves of Absence. At the end of this round of bargaining, the Union’s second counter-proposal was offered to Management. This item will be first on the agenda at the next bargaining session. 

Issues arose this week where one side was steadfast on achieving a certain result. In these cases, through several rounds of counter proposals, we were able to find a place of common settlement and to reach tentative agreements.
— Chris Rauenbusch, President, CUPE 4070

Onex Purchase

This week, bargaining was overshadowed by a big news story on Monday, May 13: Onex’s plan to acquire all WestJet stock and take the WestJet Group into private ownership. Despite the many competing demands on Monday, bargaining proceeded and one article was approved by both sides on Monday afternoon. This demonstrates the determination, on both sides, to reach an agreement. Bargaining will continue as planned and there is no change to the CUPE 4070-Management relationship as a result of this announcement. 

What’s Next

The Bargaining Committee and the Company will meet again for round three of bargaining in Calgary from June 10-14. 

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To date, CUPE 4070 and the Company have reached a tentative agreement on the following topics: 

  • Preamble

  • Amendments to the Agreement

  • Strike/Lockout

  • Probation

  • Deduction of Dues

  • Arbitration

  • Grievance Procedure

  • Discipline, Suspensions & Terminations

  • Management Rights

  • Uniforms

  • Union Recognition

  • Union/Management Relations

  • Seniority

We will continue to keep you updated as we move through the bargaining process.  

In Solidarity,
Your CUPE 4070 Bargaining Committee