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General Membership Meeting

Our first General Membership Meeting was held on June 13.

Bylaw Amendment Q&A


Q: Why does it matter if a part-time CCM be considered a full-time Executive Member?


A: Part-time CCMs are blocked in the range of 50 hours per month, which at this time only accounts for 11.1 CUPE days at 4.5 block hours per day. The workload for an Executive board member is equivalent and arguably beyond that of a full-time CCM schedule. We can’t expect a person making a part time salary to take on a major full time role.

Q: Why are we adding a per capita payment to the CUPE airline division?

A: As we are an airline, it makes sense to align with all the other 10 CUPE airlines to make our voices stronger as a group of 15,000 members. The per capita for the airline division is $0.10 per member/month. Also, the union has applied for the airline division start-up grant of up to $100,000. By being affiliated with the Airline Division, we are able to receive this grant.

Lastly, should Local 4070 ever be involved in a strike/lockout, the CUPE Airline Division pats members who participate a top-up to the CUPE National Strike pay, which hugely impacts our membership positively while they stand up for better working conditions.

Q: Why are we changing Shop Steward Compensation?

A: When the first bylaws were written, it was a projection on how many meetings the stewards would be attending overall. Now that the local has been functioning for over 6months, it is evident that there meetings with management are on the rise, and we need to ensure Shop Stewards are reasonably compensated for their time which also involves high degree of preparation time for each meeting.

To compensate stewards for their time, we propose changing the compensation to 1.69 block hours for the first meeting and $35 for every other meeting that same calendar day. This creates an incentive for a Steward to take on as many meetings as possible, while recognizing a minimum credit to take the first meeting.

Q: Why are we changing the dinner amount to $46?

A: This is to align with how CUPE National reimburses meals for members performing union work.

During our current bargaining, we have a mobilizing cost-share initiative with CUPE National. By keeping the meal numbers the same it creates alignment between the two parties sharing the cost, and eliminates confusion amount members performing work for the Union, with differing amounts to be claimed for different days.

Q: What is happening with Encore and Swoop? Are my dues paying for them?

A: CUPE National is financially supporting Encore and Swoop until they have elected officers and start deducting dues. Dues from a mainline member are NOT paying for any of the costs of Encore or Swoop members. Nothing included in our bylaws apply to Encore or Swoop members currently.

Q: Why are we changing General Membership Meetings (GMM) from every 4 months to 6 months?

A: The cost and logistics associated with broadcasting each GMM live for dial in access (including voting) are significant. The Executive recommends that adding 2 extra months between meetings allows for a balance between cost containment, and ensuring the democratic rights of the Membership are not hindered.

The plan will be to rotate the General Membership meetings and have the live meeting in conjunction with a telephone meeting like the one in YYC on June 13, 2019. We will still have informal base meetings were members can ask questions to their base VP’s and other Executive Board Members on the same schedule as currently prescribed by the bylaws.