• To secure the best possible pay, benefits, working conditions, job security, pension and retiree benefits for our members.

  • To provide an opportunity for our members to influence and shape their future through free democratic trade unionism

  • To encourage the settlement by negotiation and mediation of all the disputes between our members and their Employer.

  • To eliminate harassment and discrimination of any sort or on any basis; and to promote equal treatment of our members regardless of class, race, colour, nationality, age, sex, gender, language, sexual orientation, place of origin, ancestry, religious beliefs, or mental and physical disability.

  • To establish strong working relationships with the public we serve and the communities in which we work and live.

  • To support CUPE in reaching all of the objectives set out in Article II of the CUPE National Constitution.


We will be the most effective and engaged Local to ever join the CUPE Airline Division

With the support of our members, we will negotiate the best possible collective agreement

We will strive to achieve a peaceful and collaborative relationship with the Employer


We are open, honest, and transparent in all our activities

By offering our support and representation in their time of need, WE take care of our people